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The iSpeakDogg™ Training is a custom-designed training experience for owners and their pets. The program offers in-home training one or two times per week for a minimum of six weeks. Lessons consist of a minimum 30-minute compound training experience with each and every dog. The idea is to have quick and efficient sessions that will ensure the desired results and maximize a positive and balanced lifestyle. Last but not least, safety will always be a primary focus during the training experience. A transition process will begin after the 4th week, transitioning pet teachings from trainer to owner. Owner will learn proper handling and leadership skills to further the teachings of prior sessions (Refer to reference book).

introduction level obedience

Advancement is at owner’s/trainer’s discretion. Pup will develop an understanding of boundaries and limitations. 

·      Potty training techniques 

·      Crate training techniques 

·      Name recognition

·      Sit - Place rear onto floor

·      Environmental experience

·      Social skills

beginner level of behavior modification

Owner will create specific “realistic” goals and work on any behavior modifications that create the foundation needed to best achieve these goals. The owner will learn core training techniques; the dog will learn new commands to begin/mold the foundation necessary to progress (minimal to zero distractions).

·      Behavior Modification - Stop rude or unwanted behaviors

·      Recall - Stop what you are doing and come to me

·      Sit - Place rear onto floor

·      Loose Leash - Walk politely on leash

·      Down - Place belly on floor

·      Stay - hold current position

intermediate level of behavior modification

This level introduces a more in-depth test of canine behaviors. Owners will display proper leadership skills and dog will perform specific skills/commands with MODERATE added distractions.

·      Wait - Wait for your next command

·      Place - Go to your designated area

·      Leave It - Leave item alone 

·      Auto Sit - Sit when we stop moving

·      Down - Place belly on floor

·      Recall - Come to me

·      Heel - Next to me (walking or standing)

advanced level of behavior modification

Students will continue with advanced training skills. Owners will learn and display how to troubleshoot any behavior/obedience issues. Students will be challenged with HIGH LEVEL distractions to help improve/continue environmental obedience.

·      Return to Heel - Come back to my side

·      Wait/Stay - Wait for next command or hold current command

·      Auto Sit - Sit when we stop moving

·      Here Position - Frontal position   

·      Place - Go to your designated area

·      Leave it - Leave item alone

·      Recall - Come to me

·      Down - Belly on floor

a la carte menu

Available upon request during training. These items include but are not limited to:

·      Paw

·      Spin

·      Speak

·      Stand (two legs) 

additional services

Dog walking

Bathing (Teeth and nails included)

All I have to say is “Thanks so much!” from us both along with our Mini Schnauzers Chloe and Ginger for now making our life an enjoyable journey! Five weeks ago we couldn’t take a walk with out Chloe and Ginger barking at other dogs. Bark really isn’t the correct word! A complete barking frenzy coupled with high pitch anxiety squeeking that would pierce anyones ear that was in close proximity. Not to mention both Chloe and Ginger jumping up on any or all people passing by! With your thorough knowledge, professionalism coupled with patience and understanding of training needed for both owners and dogs based on psychology of dogs is truly an awesome trait to possess. The material you provided for behavior modification, socialization and mastering the walk have truly enabled me to become the leader of the pack with calm and assertive leadership. Taking our daily walks and greeting other dogs and people has become a true pleasure - NO more STRESS! You are a true Dog Whisperer!

Thanks again!
— Jim, Brad, Chloe, and Ginger